BB&L Congratulates New Partner Evan Koch

Baker, Burton & Lundy is pleased to announce that trial lawyer Evan Koch has been made a partner. Evan’s skill in getting results for his clients was noticed by the legal community and he has been recognized as a Rising Star by SuperLawyers in 2014 – 2018.

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Property Line Issues – Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

If good fences make good neighbors, what happens when the fence you share with your neighbor has been constructed on your side of the property line depriving you of a portion of your property and allowing your neighbor exclusive use and access to a portion of your property?

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Thanksgiving Reflections

By Brad N. Baker

Although the challenges in our lives seem to be headed our way with increasing speed, the blessings that we are given far exceed the challenges when a moment is taken to reflect.

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The Difference Between Probate vs. Wills vs. Trusts

Estate planning attorney Christine Daniels explains the differences between probate vs. wills vs. trusts to help people make better decisions for their estate plans.

Many of my friends don’t really know what estate planning means. Granted, most of them are my age, in their mid-twenties and have been lucky enough to not have experienced a parent’s unexpected, premature passing. Nonetheless, having an idea of the three main ways to administer the assets after a loved one’s passing is good info to have in your back pocket.

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