Tenant Holdover – What if I Stay Past My Lease Term?

A Common Tenant Concern – What if I Stay Past the Lease Term? By Clint Wilson Holdover Tenant’s Liability after Lease Term Expiration Frequently we get calls from clients who realize their lease is due to expire and they need advice as to their liability if they do...

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Helping Families who Suffered from Morgue Negligence

Helping Families Who Have Suffered from Morgue Negligence By Albro L. Lundy III The Intersection of my Personal and Professional Experience When you are an attorney, your clients don’t often call you with good news in their lives. Usually someone is calling because...

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Property Line Issues – Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

If good fences make good neighbors, what happens when the fence you share with your neighbor has been constructed on your side of the property line depriving you of a portion of your property and allowing your neighbor exclusive use and access to a portion of your property?

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Thanksgiving Reflections

By Brad N. Baker

Although the challenges in our lives seem to be headed our way with increasing speed, the blessings that we are given far exceed the challenges when a moment is taken to reflect.

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The Difference Between Probate vs. Wills vs. Trusts

Estate planning attorney Christine Daniels explains the differences between probate vs. wills vs. trusts to help people make better decisions for their estate plans.

Many of my friends don’t really know what estate planning means. Granted, most of them are my age, in their mid-twenties and have been lucky enough to not have experienced a parent’s unexpected, premature passing. Nonetheless, having an idea of the three main ways to administer the assets after a loved one’s passing is good info to have in your back pocket.

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Muhammad Ali & Me – Fighting for POWS

Muhammad Ali and Me – Traveling to Vietnam to Fight for POWs
By Albro Lundy III

Larger than Life

I always thought that Ali was larger than life until I was sitting across from him on a chance limousine ride we shared to the airport in Philadelphia. This was long before Parkinson’s disease has quieted the voice of this great orator. And my conversation with him was nothing less than ethereal.

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News on Portability for Estate Planning

Recent estate law changes have created new opportunities for people with less than $10 million in assets to reduce future income taxes for their beneficiaries.
Brad N. Baker, senior estate planning attorney at Baker, Burton & Lundy, describes what basis is and how the new opportunities with Portability might affect you.

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Martinez: Burned But Not Beaten

Baker, Burton & Lundy prosecuted this case tenaciously, trying the case for over 30 days and taking the case up to the California Supreme Court twice. The jury spent over a week determining a verdict, awarding $3.16 million to the Martinez family for their damages suffered as a result of the explosion.

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