Thanksgiving Reflections

November 24, 2016

By Brad N. Baker

Although the challenges in our lives seem to be headed our way with increasing speed, the blessings that we are given far exceed the challenges when a moment is taken to reflect.

The amount of information that is available to all of us is truly staggering compared to years past.  We are now able to empathize with people from the four corners of the globe when tragedy strikes. We almost instantly now know of matters that just ten years ago would have gone unreported to us, and thus unnoticed.

How do we survive the onslaught of information and maintain the inner peace that we all strive to attain?  Counting our blessings each and every day, not just on Thanksgiving, is one path that can provide some perspective and help calm the soul.

The ability to turn on the tap and have safe drinking water is something that I just take for granted (even in the midst of drought) until I actually think about it; flipping a switch and getting electricity; walking into a grocery store and having 10,000 choices for food; hopping into our car and driving up to the pump to get gas; having well-trained doctors and nurses and emergency response teams at our disposal; charitable organizations that provide temporary safety nets for us all and reach out to provide help to those less fortunate…

The list is really limitless when blessings are recognized.

The blessing of health is the one that seems to be overlooked the most until we are robbed of the feeling of wellness.  To receive the love of another, and to be able to love someone are more of the blessings that get overlooked.

The challenges are there, to be sure.  However, the tremendous blessings that surround us will hopefully help us gain perspective and help us survive the challenges.

We are all in this together which is actually another blessing that often goes unrecognized.  Despite our differences, there are actually many many more common bonds that we share that will allow us to work together when the going gets tough.

We at the law offices of Baker, Burton & Lundy wish all of you inner peace this Thanksgiving Holiday and thank each and every one of you who add to the blessings that surround us.