Solving Problems Outside the Courtroom

Baker, Burton & Lundy believes in the use of mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Long before it was popular, all three of the partners volunteered as mediators and arbitrators and today they continue to make this peacemaking and powerful form of resolution a priority in their legal practice. Mediation can be a flexible process used at any time over the course of a case.  The mediation process is intended to be non-adversarial and to help preserve relationships.  It can offer an outside viewpoint and promote creative problem-solving, which can help save time and money in resolving a dispute. Having a skilled mediator is critical. All three Baker, Burton & Lundy partners are skilled and experienced mediators. They each have a unique style and expertise that promotes dispute resolution.

Brad N. Baker, Mediator

Brad Baker is a firm believer in alternative dispute resolution. His numerous trials both to juries and to judges have given him an appreciation for the problems that face litigants.  Sitting as a Judge Pro Tem has added some appreciation for what problems judges also face when listening to cases. In Brad’s mind, a good mediation is one where both sides have a chance to be heard by a neutral party who can:

  1. initially add insight into each side’s position
  2. listen to what is most important to the parties, and
  3. fashion solutions where both sides can see the benefits of reaching an agreement.

Brad’s casual and personable style creates an environment conducive to having all parties solve their disputes without trial. Brad works with both sides to understand the positives and negatives of their respective positions. He has been told that his calmness puts people at ease even in the most stressful of situations, increasing the chances to achieve a peaceful resolution. Summing up his experience with the mediation process, Brad explains, “No one is having fun in the litigation process, but until both sides see a path that is satisfactory to them, settlement is not going to be achieved.”

Kent Burton, Mediator

Kent Burton has been part of the evolution of mediation from its infancy in the mid 1980s to the place of prominence it holds today. In addition to serving as a volunteer mediator in the Superior Court’s JASOP program, Kent has extensive experience in intra-company ownership and real estate disputes. Kent’s experience and business acumen allows him to grasp the problems quickly and suggest multiple choices for the parties involved. Kent has years of demonstrated success leading opposing sides to agreeable business solutions and successful resolutions.

Albro L. Lundy III, Mediator

Since 1989 Albro Lundy has been a settlement officer for the court, successfully mediating and resolving many contentious cases. To do this, he draws upon his broad background in litigation, mediating everything from personal injury and medical malpractice to construction defects and business disputes. Albro’s strong belief in mediation led him to volunteer to be a member of a specially priced mediator’s list within the Consumer Attorneys organization, commonly known as the $200/hour list. This offers people an economical option for high quality legal counsel who cannot afford the high priced mediation firms. Albro has earned great respect on both sides of the bar for over 30 years of successfully mediating and arbitrating cases.

Choosing to Mediate at Baker, Burton & Lundy

Baker, Burton & Lundy’s offices are conducive to a calm and productive mediation process.  Without fail, people comment on the good feel of the office and its location in Hermosa Beach. Our attorneys strive to provide a neutral, comfortable environment and bring an open mind, common sense and extensive legal experience to each dispute. Please call us today at 310-376-9893 to discuss your mediation needs with an experienced member of our staff. Let us help you try to find a peaceful resolution to your legal dispute.


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