Construction Law

Helping Builders & Owners Make Sure Everything Goes According To The Plans

Baker, Burton & Lundy brings a unique, highly-skilled approach to construction law led by partner Kent Burton, an extremely experienced attorney in the field. He is supported by a talented team of attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants.

Our Southern California practice represents owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, and design professionals.  We have assisted our clients on an array of projects ranging from negotiating and drafting contracts and building a dream home to remodeling international airport terminals in major metropolitan cities and building hydro-power plants on federal property.

We know the construction business from the inside out.  In addition to understanding the legal nuances associated with construction law, our lawyers have more than a decade of hands-on experience in the construction industry managing construction projects, hiring contractors and negotiating contracts. We pride ourselves in our practical approach, attention to detail and ability to close the deal.

In construction transactions, our firm’s guidance extends beyond the project completion date. Our construction attorneys negotiate and prepare the construction, architectural, engineering, and management contracts that are the foundation of every project. Our full service team of industry experts provides the relevant business and legal insight that enables public and private developers as well as owners to best leverage their investments, time and resources.

Integrated Project Delivery & Green Building Contract Expertise

Integrated Project Delivery (“IPD”) is a relatively new approach to construction that uses technology and a different methodology to encourage extensive communication at the beginning of the project.  IPD creates an environment where the owner, architect, general contractor and major subcontractors work in a collaborative effort at the design stage to bring the structure together in the most efficient manner possible.

Our firm is at the forefront of drafting IPD contracts to implement this process. We also provide guidance about the legal and practical issues associated with Integrated Project Delivery. Through our work on Green Building Projects, our firm is committed to encouraging and accelerating the success of owners and developers interested in adopting sustainable green building and development practices.

We take pride in helping our eco-conscious clients by preparing, structuring and negotiating the most favorable transactions possible; obtaining LEED project certification and professional accreditation; procuring ISO 14001 Certification; ensuring CA Title 24 and various state and federal compliance.

Our Diverse Client Base

Baker, Burton & Lundy’s construction law team represents all sizes of organizations, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and also works with individual clients. We focus on one-on-one relationships with our clients so we can thoroughly learn their business and philosophy and ensure each organization receives the attention it deserves.



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A Game Plan for Surviving Construction Litigation

Along with the rise in construction comes the rise in construction-related litigation.  One particular area of growth in the past few years has been construction defect litigation.  These days, if you are involved in construction, you can anticipate being served with a lawsuit at some point in your career.  Being served with a lawsuit can cause a moment of panic and confusion, but it doesn’t have to.   

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