Insurance Bad Faith

We keep faith with you when the Insurance Company doesn’t

Fierce Fighters When the Insurance Industry is Unfair

Have you been misled, deceived, or undercut by an insurance carrier? Have they prolonged claims or settled for less than your policy should have provided? This sort of fraudulent behavior by an insurance company, known as Bad Faith, can derail and obstruct your ability to recover from an injury or accident.

Unfortunately these incidents aren’t rare, but an all-too-frequent instance of companies looking to extend their bottom line at the expense of paying customers. When a customer encounters this kind of business practice, it can turn carriers and customers into adversaries on very short notice. Customers will then need experienced legal help to stand up to dishonest insurers in court.


Receive What You Deserve

If you or a loved one are suffering due to a delayed or inadequate insurance payment, Baker, Burton & Lundy, in Hermosa Beach, CA, can help you receive the financial compensation you deserve.

Don’t allow an insurance company to manipulate your policies or short-change your claim: you have a right to the coverage you pay for and the protection it provides you.


BB&L’s Past Success Against Insurance Bad Faith

Baker, Burton & Lundy has many years of experience dealing with reluctant or defrauding insurance carriers. From medical claims and auto accidents to homeowner issues, BB&L has established a reputation for its ability to recover deserved insurance funds for clients in dire need.

Partner and head personal injury litigator Albro Lundy has over 35 years of trial experience and particular experience in insurance bad faith, including a $4.6 Million successful verdict.  Along with Evan Koch and Stephen Semos, our team will help you get what you deserve.

See more of Baker, Burton & Lundy’s verdicts & settlements and read past success stories on our blog.

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