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As gas prices continue to fluctuate in Southern California, bicycling has become an increasingly sensible and environmental alternative for transportation and recreational activity. Unfortunately for riders, bicycle accidents can present an extreme risk: according to the US Department of Transportation, more than 8,000 cyclists have been killed in motor vehicle accidents in the last decade, with another 700,000 injured.

On top of the ever-present danger cyclists face on our roadways and sidewalks, they also face a growing disadvantage in court. In almost 2,000 accidents examined by the California Highway Patrol where a rider suffered severe or fatal injuries, the bicyclist was blamed over 60% of the time. Don’t let your case be dismissed like the majority of cycling accidents.

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Baker, Burton, & Lundy has extensive experience representing bicyclists and Southern California personal injury attorney Albro Lundy has personal experience with the hazards and dangers as a long time cyclist himself. If you or a loved one suffered a bicycle accident due to the negligence of another, Baker, Burton & Lundy can help you receive the financial compensation you deserve. Our bicycle accident attorneys Albro Lundy, Evan Koch and Stephen Semos will work closely with you to develop a specific understanding of the full impact the injury has had on your quality of life, loved ones and ability to work. We can help you calculate what would be fair compensation for your hospitalization costs and impacted ability to work. With the help of expert witnesses, we present the nature of the injury and its impact to the negotiators or jurors who have the power to resolve your legal claims. Our attorneys fight until we win the best possible outcome for our clients.

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At Baker, Burton & Lundy, our attorneys have successfully resolved many challenging personal injury claims. You can expect our attorneys to be both caring and tenacious in our efforts to recover maximum compensation for your family.

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