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For many Americans, driving has become a major part of their daily lives. Its everyday frequency can make it easy to take road safety for granted, leading some people to try to dangerously multi-task and eat, text or juggle phone calls while they drive. Unfortunately, distracted driving combined with more cars on the road each year can lead to serious car crashes.

If you were injured in a severe car crash, you need the experienced auto accident attorneys at Baker, Burton & Lundy.

Common Causes of Auto Accidents and Injuries

In auto accidents, the person judged to be at fault is the one who acted carelessly and didn’t follow safe practices and/or road laws. In court, this is called negligence, and they look to a number of factors when making this determination, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Disobeying road signs or signals
  • Driving faster or slower than the posted speed limit
  • Failing to signal when turning or changing lanes
  • Failing to accommodate weather or traffic conditions
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Engaging in illegal behavior such as talking on a cell phone without a “hands free” device (some states, including California)

There are also cases in which neither party is at fault, but the accident was caused by a defect in someone’s car. In these cases it falls under the law of product liability, and the responsible party may be the entity who manufactured or supplied the defective part. Finally, additional factors such as dangerous, poorly maintained roads or malfunctioning traffic signals can also contribute to accidents.

It is an unfortunate reality that auto insurance companies do not always offer a fair deal. Regardless of the sum they offer or the perceived severity of your injuries, we do not recommend accepting a settlement without first discussing it with a qualified car accident attorney.

Helping You Recover From a Car Accident

After a bad car accident, no amount of money can replace your loss or adequately compensate you, but BB&L can help you hold the responsible party accountable and relieve the financial burden of your loss.

The litigation team at Baker, Burton & Lundy has experience effectively countering the bad-faith tactics of insurance companies. We will act immediately to preserve your rights and take over negotiations with the wrongdoer’s insurance company for you.

Once we’ve accepted your case, we will do everything in our power to build the most powerful and persuasive case possible against the negligent party. In fact, our firm has preserved critical evidence at accident scenes days after the accident that the police simply overlooked. This type of evidence, combined with thorough trial preparation and extensive expert testimony, wins cases.

Part of our thorough trial preparation involves our attorneys working closely with you to develop a specific understanding of the accident and the impact it’s had upon your life. They also work directly with investigators and accident re-constructionists to:

  1. Determine how the accident occurred using evidence such as statements, skid marks and vehicle damage
  2. Placement of fault/negligence in the accident, and
  3. If or what events might have exacerbated the accident

Once this information is collected, we present it along with your own recollection of the accident to the negotiators or jurors who have the power to resolve your legal claims. Our attorneys fight until we win the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our success for victims of major accidents

Partner Albro Lundy III has over 35 years of trial experience particularly in helping victims of car accidents, securing multiple multi-million dollar victories. He won CAOC Trial Lawyer of the year for helping a victim who became a paraplegic from a car crash on a dangerous road.  Along with winning an $11.6 million verdict, Albro’s case forced the state of California to re-examine and fix all similar roads in the state.  Along with his associates Evan Koch and Stephen Semos, our litigation team works closely with your family to develop a specific understanding of the full impact of your loss. Then, we present your unique, compelling loss to the negotiators or jurors who have the power to resolve your legal claims.

At Baker, Burton & Lundy, our attorneys have successfully resolved many challenging personal injury claims. You can expect our attorneys to be both caring and tenacious in our efforts to recover maximum compensation for your family.

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