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Our nation trusts and depends on our airlines to provide safe and reliable transportation around our country and internationally. Statistics show that plane travel is among the safest forms of transportation, but accidents can and do still occur. It is lucky that plane crashes are few and far between, because sadly, they are almost never minor accidents. When a commercial jet crashes, hundreds of people can die or be injured at once.

The leading cause of plane crashes is pilot error. Crashes can also be caused by design problems, defective parts or insufficient maintenance of the aircraft. Contributing factors can be weather or a mistake by an air traffic controller.

Plane crashes are not only unusual and tragic for their degree of catastrophe, but also because they often leave so little evidence behind to help explain what happened. It requires an experienced and aggressive legal team to find and examine all available evidence, including tracking down and interviewing eyewitnesses, to get the most complete story possible and prosecute effectively.

Legal Help for Victims of Plane Crashes

Baker, Burton & Lundy in Hermosa Beach, CA has extensive experience representing victims of all forms of vehicle accidents, including airplane crashes. If you or a loved one were the victim of a plane crash, our attorneys can help you receive the financial compensation you deserve. No amount of money can replace your loss or adequately compensate you, but an experienced attorney can help you hold the responsible party accountable and relieve the financial burden of this sudden loss.

We have the resources, tenacity and skill to represent clients against big companies like airlines, manufacturers, maintenance contractors or any other party responsible for the disaster. This may require proving pilot error, defective design, defective manufacture or insufficient maintenance of an aircraft.

We are not afraid to lead the fight in challenging cases for clients who have suffered from:

  • Major commercial airline accidents
  • International airline accidents
  • Private, charter or corporate plane crashes
  • Military contractor air crashes
  • Small plane accidents
  • Helicopter accidents

Our attorneys work closely with you to develop a specific understanding of the full impact the crash has had on your quality of life, loved ones and ability to work. We can help you calculate what would be fair compensation for suffering, hospitalization costs and impacted ability to work.

While many cases settle, our firm will not hesitate to take your claim into the courtroom. With the help of expert witnesses, we excel at presenting the nature of the injury and its impact to the negotiators or jurors who have the power to resolve your legal claims. Our attorneys fight until we win the best possible outcome for our clients.

Why Choose a Personal Injury Attorney at Baker, Burton & Lundy

Partner Albro Lundy III has over 35 years of trial experience and particular experience in personal injury litigation, including multiple multi-million dollar victories. Along with his associates Evan Koch and Stephen Semos, our litigation team works closely with your family to develop a specific understanding of the full impact of your loss.

At Baker, Burton & Lundy, our attorneys have successfully resolved many challenging personal injury claims.

  • Free personal injury one-on-one legal consultation
  • You pay no attorney fees unless you get compensation

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