Train Accidents

Taking care of you when travel gets risky

Southern California Train Accident Attorneys

Transportation by train can be a reliable method of traveling, but there are always risks. Due to the high-speed nature of such travel and the pinpoint schedules being kept, railway accidents can be catastrophic. If you happen to be injured as a result of such an incident, don’t be afraid to let us examine your case and check for irresponsibility behind the event.

A large percentage of railway accidents come from derailments, usually originating from a failure in communication between railway administrators or continued use of a dangerous or worn-down track. In many of these instances, the railway can be ruled liable for your injury and responsible for monetary compensation. Our attorneys can help look into the circumstances preceding the event and tell you whether or not you have a formidable case. Train accidents can be deadly and railways must be held accountable for the correct safety procedures.

Railway passengers are the only ones who can suffer from such negligence. Railway crossings  are potentially dangerous without fair warnings and notification. Passengers can be injured during boarding or hit by an extension or projectile whilst standing on a platform. Bring your case to the experienced accident attorneys at Baker Burton & Lundy, where we can examine the details surrounding your injury and get you the compensation you need.

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