Public Storage Deceptive Advertising

Public Storage advertisement from 2010

Class Action Lawsuit Against Public Storage

By Brad N. Baker

Confronting Deceptive Business Practices in California

Update 7/31/19 – BB&L is no longer accepting Public Storage cases 

Throughout our firm’s history, we have consistently fought to protect and assist consumers across California. From winning cases that make streets safer throughout the state of California to using a class action lawsuit to tackle the energy companies that caused the 2001 energy crisis in California, Baker, Burton & Lundy is a champion for consumers.

Currently, we are involved with a class action that alleges deceptive business practices by Public Storage. This case could benefit hundreds of thousands of California consumers, and could also lead to better business practices in the world of self-storage.

Public Storage for decades advertised a $1 Special where the “first month for only $1” was the main message conveyed to consumers.

It turns out that this may not have been exactly accurate. A case has been brought in Los Angeles Superior Court alleging that said advertisements were false and misleading. There are additional charges and conditions that could make the first month cost the consumer closer to $50.

A second aspect of the case involves the failure of Public Storage to disclose to its renters a fact that was known only to Public Storage. This fact is that approximately 75% of each insurance premium dollar was paid to Public Storage and its partners as an “access fee”. It has been opined that this should have been disclosed to tenants.

We are gathering information to better understand the history of the company’s practices. Your involvement could help ensure fair treatment for California consumers. If you rented from Public Storage or spent any time working for Public Storage  and would be willing to talk to us, please call our office at (310) 376-9893 or email


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