Referring Attorneys and Joint Venture Opportunities

Referring Attorneys

There are times that attorneys need additional expertise and resources, both legal and financial, to bring a legal matter to justice. If you have a case that you know is beyond your resources in terms of manpower or expertise, consider calling Baker, Burton & Lundy, a firm with the capabilities to handle unusual and challenging cases. BB&L welcomes referrals from firms not only in Southern California but also from other states and countries.

Fees to Referring Attorneys

We have paid over $120 million in referral and joint venture fees to other attorneys and in the history of our firm have never had a dispute regarding referral or joint venture fees. Baker, Burton & Lundy pays the highest referral fees allowed by California State Bar rules. We view it as a testimony to the quality of our work that many attorneys who have opposed us at trial have later sent us legal matters not only for litigation, but also for our estate planning, real estate and business transactional expertise.

Joint Venture Opportunities

Baker, Burton & Lundy welcomes joint venture and association relationships with other firms. Over the last few decades, we have had partnerships with over 100 firms of all types and sizes and helped with cases at all stages of the litigation process. We understand that while you may want to stay involved and see a case through until the end, you may be in need of additional expertise or finances to be successful. We also mentor attorneys who are entering a new area and wish to gain expertise by trying the case with an experienced litigation team. Some of our joint venture work has resulted in landmark results.

Working as a Team on Large Cases

Most notably, we generated Billions for California Consumers when we worked with a team of four top legal firms to confront the creators of California’s energy crisis in 2000-2001. This work, conducted over several years, resulted in a settlement that not only provided economic relief for California consumers but also led to long term restructuring of the natural gas delivery system to ensure lower prices in the future. Baker, Burton & Lundy is flexible about discussing the exact type of involvement and level of participation that other firms want. Based on the particulars of the case brought to us, we agree up front on the percentage fee. We have consistently established fee-sharing agreements that all parties concluded were fair.

Referral and Joint Venture Fees Paid

Verdicts and Settlements

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