Quick cuts of pier, exterior building, Evan entering the door at BB&LMusic full
BBL-5-1-17_03 856_1631 Evan Koch 19:18:01This is a different type of law firm and a different type of lawyer who works here.
#A1-987-2667-1 09:38:20 Gerald MarcilThere are attorneys that are a breath of fresh air and these guys are it.
DJI_0218 3 shot of partners walking and laughingBrief Natural Sound
BBL-4-30-17 856_1535 Brad Baker 18:47:56We like to think of our clients as extended family.
856_1584 Evan with Baby in his armsSound up as he greets Summer
BBL-4-30-17 856_1536 Kent Burton 20:21:02 Montage of surfboards, etc in officeWe’ve always had this commitment to real casual atmosphere, but the work that goes out has to be perfect
856_1565 Clint meets Tara in lobbyC’mon back.
BBL-5-1-17_02 856_1630 Clint Wilson 18:29:52//18:29:41The level of work is very sophisticated for a smaller, boutique form like this one. There’s been some huge cases and settlements that have come through these doors.
856_1428 reverse slomo as door opensSound Up
BBL-5-1-17_02 856_1629 Albro Lundy 18:03:28     DJI_0221 Dissolve to 3 shot partners walk up street and go into the officeBrad, Kent, and I make a very unique team, because we’re a full-service law firm.  We do litigate.  We do probate litigation.  We do estate planning.  And we do transactional work.  I mean, there really isn’t anything we don’t do, and can’t provide, as far as a service to the public.
Brad Baker 18:45:26The needs here in the South Bay seem to be growing. 
Kent Burton  20:02:29it’s hard to turn down good work
Brad Baker 18:45:02  Over the last five years, we’ve added  four attorneys.  We’re now going to expand our office space; should be a really cool design, and end up with probably eight or nine attorneys.
Kent Burton 20:03:00   Quick pans from faces at pier    It’s not such a horrible thing to have to grow. We always kind of like the smaller size, but the quality of people we’ve been able to find make it worthwhile.
Albro Lundy 17:32:22To maintain the quality has been our touchstone.  We did not want to expand if we couldn’t continue to service people in what we think is an excellent way. 
Brad Baker18:45:50We’re expanding into more employment law.  We’re expanding into more probate litigation.
Albro Lundy 17:33:04We’ve been able to find that competitive edge in the attorneys, as well as the paralegals and the staff that we’ve brought on. 
Whitney Rice 16:59:42There’s a lot of hard work but also a lot of caring that goes into what we do.
Susan Serris  14:40:35We have a lot of young people that have come onto the firm and it’s a lot of new blood and it’s really fun
Kaitlin Spryer 14:54:50Each and every day we all laugh really hard about something. No matter what it is.
856_1614 Blowing out candles in break roomLaugh in office
Graphic: Kent Burton Real Estate and Business LawyerMusic hit
BBL-5-1-17_01 856_1596 Gary and Kent B-roll in office 3:55:35    Gary: Mr. Burton, how are you? Kent: Good to see you as always.
BBL-5-1-17_01 856_1595 Gary Wayland 13:32:04//13:35:14   B-roll with Kent andI’m not sure that there is a better commercial real estate lawyer than Kent Burton. His ability to get people to come to the same place in a negotiation is fantastic.
BBL-5-1-17_01 856_1590 Don Corsaro  12:26:14Straight forward. Just no nonsense and that’s what we like. Get straight answers quickly.
A7-987-2729  TED WEITZMAN Covered with Ted walk out and shake 13.25.22Brief sound full of greeting between Ted and Kent Skechers sign in the BG
A2-987-2675 12.27.23 JOHN ALTAMURA Graphic super: John Altamura Broker, South Bay BrokersHe’s very honest and very, very professional.
A9-987-2756-1 18.56.38    KENT BURTONI spend a lot of time trying to convince (on cam) my clients that they should stay away from litigation (voice under)  despite the fact that my partners are very good at it.(on cam)
Graphic: Brad Baker Estate Planning & Probate LitigationMusic change
BBL-5-1-17_01 856_1595 Gary Wayland 13:33:46Estate planning is very personal.
Gary and Brad B-rollNat sound break
BBL-5-1-17_01 856_1595 Gary Wayland 13:33:46    Brad’s experience is broad, his understanding makes it very helpful in helping people get from A to B in that estate planning process.
Steve Tsoflias 11:02:50Very clear and straightforward for a layman like me.
BBL-4-30-17 856_1535 Brad Baker 19:14:55I try to get you out of your brain and into your heart because if it feels right, you’re on the right path.
A1-987-2669 Reggie Rolle 10:45:55I almost can’t imagine what it could have been like had we worked with someone else.
bcam ftg as Marty signs paper 10.11.57 A1-987-2668 10.10.13 MARTY BARLOW I trust ‘em.
BBL-5-1-17_01 856-1554 Albro lo mo exits city hall Graphic: Albro Lundy LitigatorMusic change
BBL-4-30-17 856_1535 Brad Baker 19:20:312   856_1555 B-roll of Albro coming out of city hallAlbro is the guy who goes and slays dragons. Energy level is unbelievable. He is our warrior.
Albro Lundy 17:45:29  I have a heart that allows me to empathize with my clients. Because of that we’ve been able to do very well, where we took cases that other people just wouldn’t have taken.
BBL-4-30-17 856_1535 Brad Baker 19:21:10Albro took basically a non-winnable case, won it big time and won Trial Lawyer of the Year.
Julie Hantzarides 13:12:37Albro is very, very caring and compassionate.
BBL-4-30-17 856_1535 Brad Baker 19:06:20Her husband died, a very tragic accident – that’s when Albro stepped in and just did an unbelievable job for the Hantzarides family.
Julie Hantzarides 13:12:52he was able to connect with me on the loss and understand my standpoint on what a huge loss that was to our family.
Summer comes in with TwinsNature sound and tender music change
Albro Lundy 17:51:00Summer Watson was a case that struck me to the core immediately upon talking to her.
Summer Watson 11:47:43When I first came into the office to meet Albro I was almost at a loss.
Albro Lundy 17:51:18She was weeping, and telling me that she had been abused.  And my heart just went out for her.
Summer Watson 11:58:00My life has definitely changed. It will be forever changed because of this but I’ve definitely been able to move on and gain some closure.
Albro Lundy 17:56:06She needed justice to get healing. And it’s such a beautiful thing to see that.
DJI_0226 5:20 B-roll out walking on the pier talking to localsMusic stings out to transition of group walk at pier-heroic music
Kent Burton 19:53:32One of the things about being in a small town like Hermosa Beach is there’s a premium on responsibility because we see our clients, we go out into the community. We’re very visible.
Clint Wilson 18:38:01I have never had an awkward moment walking down the street and running into a client they know we were 100% in their corner, trying to get the best result.
Evan Koch19:28:30When we see a case that represents an opportunity to correct a problem in our community, it’s important. We take that case on and do what we can to make our community a better place.
Albro Lundy 18:07:49  One of the reasons that I practice law is because I can make a difference – a difference in the people’s lives that I represent; but also, I can make a difference in this world.
Snap shot of the big group posing out front of the office Drone footageMusic sting