Fade upmusic
Graphic:Reputation is something you earn
A5 987-2692  19.38.40  Lindsay says to person on camera:Look right into the camera for this one.
A6-987-2710   09:14:51 KyleOk
Kaitlin smiling 856_1601 8:15 in…right into the center.
Jenny Wood shifts in her chairOK
Gerald Marcil A1 987-2667 9:52:35 saWell, Burt-, Burton, Baker…
Tim Riley A6 987-2711 9:51:44  Start over again.
Snap zoom to EvanChuckles uneasily
A5 987-2692  19.38.40  Z Shot of Brad listeningYou’re going to say Baker Burton and Lundy is…
A6-987-2723 11.46.35 JENNY WOOD:Baker, Burton and Lundy…
A5 987-2692  19.38.42  Lindsay off camera says to Kent listening on camera:And then you can finish that sentence…
A5 987-2692  19.38.42  Lindsay off camera says:…however you see fit.”  
Tim Riley A6 987-2711 9:51:44  Baker, Burton and Lundy
A2 987 2683-2  14.09.11 RosemaryBaker, Burton, and Lundy is…
A7-987-2734 14.27.23 KURT WOLFGANGBaker Burton and Lundy is a fantastic firm…
Tara Wells 856-1571 9:39:03I feel like I’ve been in amazing hands with them.
A2 987 2683-2  14.09.11 Rosemary…the only law firm I would recommend to my friends.
#A7-987-2729 13.25.30 TED WEITZMANThey’re responsive, they meet deadlines.  
Graphic full screen:Acclaimed Real Estate & Business Attorneys
A2-987-2684 14.22.26 C&M HAUEISENMargaret: How would you phrase that? Charles: Personal attention.  
18:26:18    EVAN KOCH: #A8-987-2755-5Baker, Burton and Lundy is unique…
18.32.43    BRAD BAKER: #A4-987-2689… a unique law firm.
18:26:18    EVAN KOCH: #A8-987-2755-5in its client centered approach to every case that walks in the door.
18:26:18    EVAN KOCH: #A8-987-2755-5We have a// client centered approach to every case that walks in the door.
Graphic fullChampions for Personal Injury Victims
12.05.11    GLORIA MARTINEZ  # A1-987-2670They know what road to go down //to make//–(all covered by graphic) ..you a whole person again. (on cam)
#A2-987-2675 12.38.29        JOHN ALTAMURABaker, Burton and Lundy is honesty, integrity and competence.
Graphic/music fullExcellence in Estate Planning & Probate Litigation
#A1-987-2669-2  11.02.49    REGGIEBaker, Burton & Lundy (sound under)/ is special.  (on cam)
09.50.54    TIM RILEY #A6-987-2711-2The best law firm I have ever worked with.
09.55.07    GERALD MARCIL  #A1-987-2667-2Baker, Burton & Lundy is a great place to do business.
17.03.19    ALBRO L. LUNDY III: #A3-987-2687-3We can handle almost any legal need you have.
09.43.42    TIM RILEY #A6-987-2711-1It’s big enough to handle everything that we want (on cam)//small enough to do it the way we need to get it done. (under graphic)
GraphicSmall Firm Attention Megafirm Results
14.27.01    CHARLES HAUEISEN #A2-987-2684as long as we’re in business…(under graphic)// Baker, Burton and Lundy(on cam)// is our law firm. (under graphic)
GraphicDecades Long Client Relationships  
19.53.02    KENT BURTON: #A9-987-2756-5Baker, Burton and Lundy is the sum of every person who has ever worked here.
12.11.43    ASHLEY KNIGHT:  #A7-987-2725Baker, Burton, and Lundy is a phenomenal place to work.
11.46.45    JENNY WOOD: #A6-987-2723and we do the best we can to create that environment for each other and for our clients.
A1-987-2670 11.53.08 RAMON MARTINEZTheir staff is phenomenal.  Very, very good.
Sam 856-1573 [10:08:00]  look, this firm is wonderful.  They know what they’re doing.
Clint line under graphic: 18:29:41  Huge cases and settlements that have come through these doors.
GraphicMore Than $4 Billion in Verdicts and Settlements
10.46.42 REGGIE ROLLE #A1-987-2669-1   video cover with conf room/walk shots outdoors/staff pan in front of bldg..I mean, I think you can throw a rock …and find an attorney. But I think to find people that have the character and the work ethic that these guys have here I think is pretty, it’s pretty rare.
Montage of them walking down streetMusic hit
10.19.16 MARTY BARLOW  #A1-987-2668  Baker, Burton & Lundy is my attorney firm.  And I’d recommend it to anybody.
Graphic: Small Firm Attention. Mega Firm Results (Logo) www.bakerburtonlundy.com/bbl 310-376-9893Music STING