Super quick cuts of ocean, pier, exterior building, BB&L Logo superimposed over ftgMusic full briefly
BBL-5-1-17_03 856_1631 Evan Koch 19:18:01This is a different type of law firm
#A1-987-2667-1 09:38:20 Gerald Marcila breath of fresh air
BBL-5-1-17_03 856_1631 Evan Koch 19:18:01 Cover with group on Piera different type of lawyer who works here.
Kaitlin Spryer 14:54:50Each and every day we all laugh really really hard about something.
BBL-4-30-17 856_1536 Kent Burton 20:21:02 Montage of surfboards, etc in officewe’ve always had this commitment to real casual atmosphere.
BBL-5-1-17_02 856_1630 Clint Wilson 18:29:52//18:29:41But//The level of work is very sophisticated.
BBL-4-30-17 856_1536 Kent Burton 20:21:02 Montage of surfboards, etc in officehas to be perfect
BBL-5-1-17_02 856_1630 Clint Wilson 18:29:52//18:29:41huge cases and settlements.
BBL-5-1-17_02 856_1629 Albro Lundy 18:03:28full service law firm
Brad Baker18:45:50expanding into more employment law
Albro Lundy 17:45:29  we took cases that other people just wouldn’t have taken.
Summer Watson 11:47:43I was almost at a loss.
Albro Lundy 17:51:18she was weeping
11:43:53 SummerI can’t say thank you enough
Albro Lundy 17:56:06needed justice to get healing
11:43:53 Summerthey changed my life.
Julie Hantzarides 13:12:37very, very caring and compassionate.
A2-987-2675 12.27.23 JOHN ALTAMURA Graphic super: John Altamura Broker, South Bay Brokersvery honest and very, very professional.
11:37:05 Phil Koerner on camdefinitely fought hard for us.
BBL-5-1-17_01 856_1590 Don Corsaro  12:26:14Get straight answers quickly.
#A1-987-2667-1 09:38:20 Gerald Marcilthese guys are it.
A1-987-2669  11:02:49 ReggieBaker Burton & Lundy is special.
A1-987-2669  11:02:49 Reggie   Baker Burton & Lundy graphic with website and phone numberThey’re the best.