856_1543 :09 Evan in frame leaves DJI_0264 :23-:28Music-Hero quality  
11:44:22 Summer Watson off camera until cover cutEvan went above and beyond what I even imagined a lawyer could do for somebody.
11:37:05 Phil Koerner on camEvan definitely fought hard for us.
11:44:22 Summer Watson   cover this line and beginning of Evan thru cut with DJI_0264  @:29There in my corner helping me fight my fight.
19:12:46  EVAN KOCH  If you’re not a fighter, you’re not gonna cut it in this business. 
856_1427 Phil walks down street towards office-condense entrance 856_1428 Phil enters office shakesmusic    
19:11:52 EVAN KOCH vo under Phil walk in and previous B-roll. Back time to Evan sound upour clients need us to be zealous advocates on their behalf…
856_1428 :14 Evan sound fullCome on back, we have a couple of things to talk about.
[19:12:31] EVAN KOCH vo 856_1429 walking down hall and in door…to make sure that we get the best possible outcome for them.
856_1431 :13 audio full from confEvan: I’ve got some really good news for you. Phil: well that’s good to hear.
11:32;30 Phil Koerner voHe’s very energetic. Very positive.
856_1431  1:44 audio EvanEvan: “this will be the document we can record on the property to secure the judgment we recovered against them.”
11:45:49  Phil Koerner on cameraWe’ve gotten everything we expected out of the experience and probably more.
[18:55:44] Brad Baker  Evan is a wonderful attorney.   
[20:07:37] Kent  And now he probably portrays the image of Baker Burton & Lundy more than anybody else in the firm.
[[18:55:51] Brad  He also has two kids now.  Having children brings a little bit more perspective on stuff. 
Video transition to 856_1373 :28 in Julie bouncing kid/Evan with sonMusic transition and sound up
09:52:25 Julie cover with footageBeing a trial attorney is a really intense thing to do.
19:50:55 Evan cover with footageI wouldn’t be able to do what I do without Julie.
09:50:21 Julie cover with footageHe’s gone from morning to night, working with clients, meeting with clients all hours on the weekends
09:50:21 Julie cont’d cover with footageand he’s really good at what he does.
Family walking. Julie talksSee the circle Benny? Ok, let’s do it.
[19:45:07] Evan covered by footage 856_1379 :40 in walking down pier-kid pointingI think that being the father of a couple of boys – it creates a sense of empathy.
[19:45:45] Evan  it opens my eyes to the //way that an injury can affect a family. 
[19:45:20] Evan on camera   CHANGE TITLE: Partner and Trial Attorney  when I first was here, there were a couple of cases that involved injuries to children that, you know, broke my heart to litigate those cases//
[19:45:20] Evan cont’d cover with footage meeting Summer walking into office-taking her kids-  But it was so important to make sure that we did everything that we could to help the parents, and help the children get back to where they needed to be.
19:28:30 Evan cover with summer meeting and kids       fix his slight stumble voice under herewhen we see a case that represents an opportunity to correct something that we see as a problem in society, a problem in our community, that it’s important to us to – to put in the work to make sure that we take that case on, and do what we can to make our community a better place.
11:49:50 Summer  people became aware of what was going on and what was happening with my trial. And through that, more women were able to come forward.
856_1593 Albro with Summer/babies Sound full with Albro/Summer/babiesYou got here just in time.
[17:44:13]  ALBRO LUNDY Albro holding kids   Albro on camEvan is a great lawyer. He has an extremely high set of morals and ethics and he gives it his all. He looks at it and says, “Let’s win this one.”  And we do.
11:43:53 Summer cover her sound with: 856_1552 at :12 Albro and Evan round corner and head to courtI can’t say thank you enough to Albro and Evan for what they did for me and how much they changed my life.
They walk toward courthouseTriumphant Music full
Transition to graphicMusic sting